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Services and Equipment

Services: We can organise the hire for group showing of films in a variety of formats. Our equipment is completely mobile and can run off a standard mains electrical supply.

Film/Multimedia Projection  
Projectors Mitsubishi LVP1200 Data Projector Composite Video, SVHS, XGA, AV inputsLCD output
1200 ANSI lumens (suitable for audiences up to 100)
JVC DILA Data Projector Component (RYB), SXGA, SVHS, AV inputs
DILA output (Direct Image Light Amplification)
2000 ANSI Lumens (sutiable for medium to large auditoria)
Players JVC SVHS/VHS Video Player VHS and SVHS formats, AV/Composite/SVHS output
Sony DVD Player DVD and CD formats, AV/Composite/SVHS output
Beta SP Professional Video Player Beta SP Tape formats, Component/SVHS and Composite output
DIGI BETA Professional Video Player Available on request
Omnitronics Pre-Amplifier Mid/Treble and Bass control, 5 input sources, Noise Reduction
Omnitronics Amplifier 2 Channel Groups 4 ohms per channel (Max 6 ohms)
Omnitronics Speakers
(Suitable for venues up to 100 Capacity)
(150 Watt), 2 Ohms per speaker
Screens Harkness EasiRect 12 foot * 9 Foot
Adjustable height, Free standing, High Resolution